About Us

U911Y_DUCK is a project born to show proud for the 5th generation of the iconic 911, the (un)popular Porsche 996. For some, the "ugly duck"... for others... the one who changed everything forever, ensuring the future of our passion.

Merging European urban style with the vibrant mix of trends from Miami, U911Y_DUCK mission is to offer the Porsche 911 community and 996 in particular, a line of stylish apparel with unique and exclusive designs.

Our collections are handmade, built, not bought, and created one by one with only one goal: to show pride for our identity and passion for the 911 and 996. 

"There is no right or wrong"...

In u911y_duck we believe in diversity, in character, in appreciation and respect for differences, in choices and tastes; those that make us unique and at the same time, enrich the community we make part of. Because we are still talking about cars... right?

As the motivation that sparked the creation of the iconic car... we didn't find it, so we created it. We hope you enjoy wearing U911Y_DUCK as much as we do creating it!


Are you ready to become a swan?